You are engineers, perfectionists and techies…just like us. We like planning ahead, getting it right, and being efficient along the way. We like straight paths. In our perfect technology world, every job would be pre-planned, done once and done right.

But we live in the real world. And the real world looks like this:

You see that ugly red square? That’s the fire that destroys our perfect technology world.

Unplanned work is the efficiency killer of any IT organization: outages, incidents, reboots, unsupported hardware & software, old solutions that don’t scale up and janky systems that never worked right to begin with – they tie up IT resources, delay planned work, make you miss deadlines and send you over budget.

So what if we eliminate your unplanned work?

Managed Services gives you the opportunity to hand off your unplanned work to a third party who offers a full solution without the need to unpack what specific skills are necessary. Plus, it gives more insight into what skills your business will really need for digital transformation, so you can then hire accordingly. Managed Services eliminates fire drills by providing the construction crew to build systems free of fire hazards, inspectors to ensure a low probability of a fire and the firefighters to put out the blaze.

Matrix Integration’s all-in seat pricing gives small- and medium-sized businesses a great starting point to experience the benefits while getting more for what you’re already spending.

You want that ugly red square out of your life? We’ll take it away so you never see it again. Let CRN’s Elite 150 Managed Service Provider 500 award winner be your IT department while you focus on the real work.

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Matrix Integration specializes in information technology solutions for small & medium businesses including managed services, IT consulting, communications, networking, implementation, wireless, data centers, staff augmentation, remote monitoring and disaster recovery.

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