Beware Ransomware.

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Can you use your imagination for a moment?

You come into work Monday morning, turn on your computer and see this message:

This is Ransomware. It hijacks all your files, scrambles and locks them up with unbreakable encryption, and demands a hefty ransom to be paid in bitcoins to unscramble them. It brings your business to a full stop.

Last year, we had a client without OpenDNS get hit, and it was a catastrophe. All their data was gone, even their backup was encrypted. We had to do a total shut-down of their system and take all servers off-network for 3 days to contain the Ransomware. After that, it was another 2 days to rebuild and restore their system and clean every infected device. There was no way to recover their data or backups. At the end of the day, 80% of their data was lost.

Imagine all your invoices have disappeared. Your CRM information, lost. Your accounting, contracts, records, client history, all irreplaceable, all gone. It’s a living nightmare.

New variants of Ransomware known as CryptoLocker, CryptoDefense and CryptoWall are spreading rapidly via spam emails, booby-trapped email attachments and drive-by downloads. It is also being deployed by malware already on your computer or by hacked and malicious websites exploiting outdated browser plugins.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Anti-virus software is no longer enough; it’s easily bypassed. At Matrix Integration, we implemented OpenDNS Umbrella to protect our assets from these types of attacks.

We provide OpenDNS with our Managed Service offerings, giving our clients the extra layer of protection they need to be secure.

Over the past year OpenDNS has done the following for Matrix Integration clients:

  • Blocked 48,600 Security Events
  • Prevented 47,100 Malware Infections
  • Contained 1,100 Botnets
  • Performed 121 Million Queries

If you aren’t getting your ransomware security from us, please get it somewhere.

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