You’ve read the news, you’ve seen the stories, you have peers who have been hit. Ransomware, worms, phishing, intrusion and malware have become commonplace in our digitized society, and with the rapid growth of industrialized hacking, the problem is only going to get worse.

Your old systems can’t handle these attacks.

It’s time to stand back, take a deep breath, and do a by-the-numbers assessment of your defenses and do what is necessary to protect your company, your systems, and your reputation.

Here are the 6 steps to Internet Edge Security:

1. Next-Gen Firewall

If you’re still depending on filtering packets and stateful inspections, it’s time you got serious. Automated scanning and blocking built into the infrastructure itself is the only way to keep up your defenses. Don’t kid yourself; this is the first step and you need to take it now.

2. Intrusion Prevention Systems

80 & 443 ports are being analyzed and cracked every day. The best way to stop a problem is before it starts, which is why we recommend intrusion prevention systems to proactively fingerprint and block malicious activities at the edge of your network to stop the problem before it starts.

3. Malware Defense

The bad guys really are out to get you. Organized crime has turned to cyber-attacks and grown into a billion-dollar industry. Your centralized security intelligence must be able to analyze millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day and push that intelligence to your protection systems. Don’t come up short on this one; your company depends on you.

4. Email Security

You’ve met your employees; do you think all of them can identify a phishing scam in their inbox? Your systems should share up-to-the-second reports of suspicious URLs and IP addresses across the globe so when your employee clicks on that malware bait, your system doesn’t even request the URL.

5. Content Filtering

Reputation matters. There’s no way for you to know about every website in the world, which is why your infrastructure should handle it for you. If a URL or IP has purveyed inappropriate or dangerous material in the past, your systems should be smart enough to block that content.

6. VPN Solutions

Remember back when you could just open up your ports to a guest? That’s over. Protect yourself with VPN solutions that customize access and grant permissions based on credentials and roles. When they have to follow your rules, you know who’s got access to what.

If you’re missing any of these 6 solutions, it’s time to level up. The last thing you want is to wind up in tomorrow’s headlines.

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