If there’s a single issue your IT team needs to focus on, it’s cyber security. And there’s no better time to re-think your security strategy than this October, when the nation commemorates National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Keeping track of cyber attacks requires vigilance. Our data and networks are more vulnerable than ever, thanks to the millions of devices we now use. On the positive side, we now have comprehensive and sophisticated tools that give IT professionals greater visibility into their network than ever before, as well as tools like multi-factor authentication (MFA) that make it much harder for outsiders to gain access to a network.

Despite all this technology, we still need to deal with the human factor. Today’s phishing schemes look like real emails from colleagues or vendors, making it highly likely that employees will open the door to scams and malware.

Matrix has designed and implemented network security solutions for hundreds of organizations in industries from finance to education. Even when we successfully secure a system’s back door, we need to make sure the front door isn’t left wide open by employees.

Read Matrix’s most recent press release for five tips to keep your infrastructure secured by teaching your company’s staff how to protect their data from hackers. For more on security consulting and employee training, contact us to learn more!

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