Spending money on consultants? To many businesses, consulting seems like an ineffective investment, leading to complex plans that never get implemented, or expensive interruptions to everyday operations.

But there are times when consulting does make sense, especially in the IT field. Of course there are always IT emergencies (like disaster recovery) that need to be handled right away. There also are many situations when professional IT consulting services can help. Here is why clients call on us for our expert advice and collaboration:

Three Clear Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant

  1. Your business is expanding rapidly

When your business is growing fast, your IT team needs to focus on keeping the lights on. But eventually, someone is going to have to shift attention to how you’re going to sustain that growth from an IT perspective. This is when professional IT services can really help. We let your in-house team concentrate on your core competencies while we assess where you are now and where you need to be as your business expands. We recommend how to get to that point in the most economical and supportive way, so when you get there, your IT is ready to handle your needs.

  1. You don’t have the time, or the personnel, to develop a long-term IT strategy

Many organizations have a lean IT staff. The IT team knows what they need to do day-to-day, but you may not have the time, or the resources, for longer-term strategic planning. In these situations, we collaborate with you to come up with an arrangement that meets your business’s requirements best. It might mean a consulting engagement to develop a long-term, strategic IT plan, recruiting temporary IT staff, or providing your company with a virtual CIO. Either way, we can scale up or down depending on what you need.

  1. You need a new set of eyes

Established companies can always use an outside perspective on their business, and it’s something we’re happy to provide. Maybe you’ve gone through a few strategies and you’re looking for IT solutions that will take root and carry your business forward. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and have the on-the-ground experience to give you the inside scoop on the latest technologies.

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Our Approach: Long-Term, Focused on ROI

No matter what kind of consulting arrangement we have, we always take a holistic, lifecycle approach to our work. Short-term fixes always cost more in the end, so our first step – planning – is essential. We create strategic plans that fit the scope, scale and function for your business to keep it running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Then, we move on to design, procurement, implementation and management. Within each one of those steps, we collaborate with your team and keep your short- and long-term and strategic needs top of mind, and we always search out the most cost effective solutions.

Want to know more? Get the details on our lifecycle methodology, and read about real-world IT solutions in our success stories. And, as always, contact us to learn more!

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