Internet Edge Security.

Your Internet edge is pressed up against a malicious and corrupt environment that spans the entire globe. Industrialized hacking has transformed the web from the wild west into downtown Detroit; depending on old firewalls to protect you is like leaving your door unlocked and the light off.
Matrix Integration separates your private network from the public internet, ensuring your armor is hardened against attack.
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Next-Gen Firewall

30-year old firewall technology won’t cut it; filtering packets and stateful inspections can’t keep the bad guys out. We don’t want to detect intrusion, we prevent it.

Matrix Integration looks beyond the Port 80 and focuses on the content filtering and active blocking that stops the problem before it starts. Our next-gen firewalls are built into the infrastructure itself, digging into the applications and files before they ever get a chance to touch your systems.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Someone has already written code to kill your 80 & 443 ports, figure out which version of IIS, Apache, etc. you’re using and break into your system. Our intrusion prevention systems look at the signature of your traffic and stops the problem before it starts by actively analyzing and taking automated actions on all traffic flows that enter the network, blocking users who have attempted to take remote control and shutting them down.


Viruses are a thing of the past. Malware tricks you into clicking on it and executes a file that injects itself into your system with the sole purpose of crippling your business. Whether crypto-locker, ransomware, adware or worms, malware has become industrialized crime and a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Matrix Integration Internet edge solutions analyze millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day and push that intelligence to your protection systems which then correlate files, telemetry data, and file behavior against a context-rich knowledge base to proactively defend against known and emerging threats.

Email Security

Your employees aren’t thinking about email security, they’re thinking about the Subject line and how it seems so appealing they should click on it. Spam emails are just the beginning. Ransomware, malware, and crypto-locker traps are sent out by the millions waiting to ensnare your company.

Using security intelligence and cognitive threat analytics, Matrix Integration provides proactive protection by sharing up-to-the-second information via live feeds to your next-gen firewall, informing it of suspicious IP addresses and URLs across the world. When your employee clicks on that bait, your system won’t even send the request to the internet. You’re protected and so is your infrastructure.

Content Filtering

Your system needs to know who’s a friend and who is a potential enemy. Every URL and IP address has a reputation, and we know what it is before they get to you. Our leading-edge systems identify URLs that are known to be inappropriate or dangerous and block that content from ever entering your system.

VPN Solutions

Gone are the days when your posts should be opened up to the outside world. Matrix Integration provides solutions that allow you to customize access, log access, and allow entry to individuals based on their roles, from teleworker contractors to vendors and business partners, and restrict their access accordingly.

Professional Services

Our 41-year background in IT gives us the seasoned experience of knowing which services are most useful for our clients. We have a comprehensive knowledge base and extensive resources for solving the tough challenges so we can move fast and effectively as your partner. Learn More >

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