LifeSpring Health Systems.

A provider of mental health and primary care services in Southern Indiana, LifeSpring Health Systems offers its clients a comprehensive array of mental health and primary care services including education, prevention, assessment, intervention and treatment.

Founded in 1964, LifeSpring is committed to providing a solid base of care for its clients, integrating technology as a large part of their day-to-day operations. They have 16 locations, serving 6 counties.

Goals & Objectives.

LifeSpring Health Systems seeks to provide outstanding mental health to the people of Southern Indiana through a variety of services. Finely tuned, highly available systems supporting Electronic Medical Records and the accessibility of those records from mobile and hand-held devices gives LifeSpring the promise of technology positively impacting their patient care initiatives.

Experiencing technology challenges implementing these initiatives proved to be a concern. Management within LifeSpring came to the conclusion that their systems were outdated, under-sized and needed an upgrade in order for them to offer the high level of care they sought to provide.

Solutions Overview.

LifeSpring’s collaboration with Matrix Integration led to the implementation of several solutions modernizing their infrastructure, streamlining processes, and maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. Solutions affording employees a new level of connectivity to wireless networks, access to critical applications and a simplified process of collaboration between teams.

Results Overview.

By instituting these infrastructure changes, LifeSpring Health Systems were able to provide a greater level of care to its client base and provide needed support to employees who had previously struggled to stay connected with each other and the outside world in their efforts to treat clients effectively. The upgrades have:

  • Centralized wireless networks in one location
  • Provided increased access to communications tools both within and between locations
  • Increased uptime, speed and connectivity to critical healthcare applications
  • Become compliant with HIPAA regulations through business continuity

These changes have facilitated a new standard in care, allowing LifeSpring to exceed the expectations of its clients in order to provide top-notch mental health services to the region.

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