MiConnection Delivers Future-Proof PBX Technology for Your Business

In business, first impressions are critical. When your customer calls, a professional experience over the phone is critical to what happens next. And when a business strategy suddenly changes, you want to get ahead of the game with a flexible means of connecting with associates. In today’s world, you can afford nothing less.

That’s where MiConnection® from Matrix Integration comes into play.

Matrix Integration is your partner in providing best-in-class, cloud-based telephony solutions and services, no matter the size of your company. A state-of-the-art, consistently reliable communications system helps you make vital business connections whenever and wherever phone interactions happen. It’s not about a landline on the desk anymore. Your company’s sales team does business on the road, and the operations team may work from home now.

With a cloud-based solution connected via the internet, your team is never tied down. Limited on-site equipment means less hardware investment and more focus on communication flow with everything living in one place – the cloud.

It’s the last phone system you’ll ever need.

A hosted PBX solution from MiConnection will be the last phone system you’ll ever need. A well-designed cloud-based telephony platform is future-proof. We can expand your system and adjust what your company needs as it grows. A range of desktop technology options deliver just what you need, customized to how YOUR business functions.

Focus on your business – we’ve got this.

Matrix Integration’s service is what sets us apart. We take care of all the details including installation, training, and ongoing service. MiConnection is fully managed by the Matrix Technical Assistance Center (MTAC) team, and we’re always ready to help with moves and any add-ons or changes that may happen.

Cost Management

The MiConnection system takes the place of a monthly phone bill. Buy only what you need on a flat rate per month. No unexpected charges. We’ll be here if you require more equipment as your business grows.

Simplified Workflow And Call Control

It’s all at your fingertips with MiConnection. Our web-based CommPortal provides users and administrators the power to manage call routing and other preferences right on the desktop. Of course, our team is here to assist if you need us.

Work Anywhere

The MiConnection cloud-based, hosted PBX service is designed for today’s mobile, round-the-clock workforce. Work from home, remote, and traveling employees remain as connected as in-house personnel. No one falls through the cracks.

Enterprise Class Features

No matter the business size, MiConnection has the enterprise-class features you want. Powerful features include direct inward dialing, CRM integration, video collaboration, E911, visual displays, and much more. After all, why shouldn’t small and medium-size businesses or organizations have the same access to telephony bells-and-whistles as larger companies?

Unified communications keeps it all on a single platform for both desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be confident knowing critical voice, video, instant messaging, and e-mail accounts are all there for seamless access.

Several business locations? MiConnection has it covered with simplified, four-digit dialing and presence.

When You’re Ready, Call Us!

Matrix Integration is standing by to help you create the world-class telephony communication system your company needs to operate in today’s ever-changing landscape.

If your business is located in multiple buildings or locations, requires an extensive network of individual lines, or is anchored by aging, outdated telephone systems, call Matrix Integration for a consultation.

When your business is ready, our MTAC team fully manages all the details (phones, installation, training, ongoing service) so you can focus on your business.

MiConnection has a solution for all your cloud-based communication needs – to keep you connected in a lightning-fast world.

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