Focus On Your Company’s Growth, Not Technology Management.

No matter the size of your business, technology requirements and minimum safeguards will continue to evolve as your organization expands and markets change.

You’re always looking out for your company’s best interests. Make sure that includes choosing a reliable partner that can support and manage its unique technology concerns.

Think you need a little technical support? Or a lot? Matrix Integration can help with our made-to-order MiManaged Services suite. This valuable resource is perfect for a company unsure of its specific needs, or an organization that wants the flexibility to add or remove services whenever desired.

From antivirus monitoring to cloud protection and everything in between, be sure you’re covered with Matrix Integration’s MiManaged Services. Choose as many (or as few) services as you’d like — we’ll even help you decide if you’re not sure what you need. There’s no commitment, so your organization can change how MiManaged Services works for you, anytime.

MiManaged Service Offerings Include:
Antivirus as a Service (AVAAS):

As a MiManaged client, you will receive deployment and management of an antivirus solution selected to meet the unique needs of your technology infrastructure. Service does not include remediation and/or support of the products anti-virus is deployed on.

Backup as a Service (BAAS):

This service includes deployment and management of a new backup solution. Includes local and cloud copy.

Cloud Protection as a Service (Essentials Package):

This service includes deployment and management of a solution for protecting your company’s cloud-hosted data. Features include continuous cloud-based protection against evolving email-borne threats, protection for Office 365 SharePoint Online, MS Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and G suite. E-mail filtering, SPAM blocking, encryption and archiving services are included, as well.

Total Email Protection:

This MiManaged service Includes all services listed in the Essentials package (above) PLUS PhishLine. This is a complete end-user training and spear phishing simulation platform that enables users to recognize email threats from both on-site corporate devices and those not protected by corporate gateways. This product does not support G Suite.

End-User Help Desk:

Matrix Integration Help Desk Support, available via telephone or web-based support, is a scalable help desk solution for resolving client incidents occurring throughout the normal course of business. This service includes a client-specific knowledge base developed and maintained by Matrix Integration (“Knowledge Base”), allowing for the resolution of more calls at the first point of contact. This service is available only when applied to all users within the clients’ active directory.

End-User Help Desk and Workstation Support:

This MiManaged service package includes all End-User Help Desk features outlined above, as well as coverage of client devices and hardware.

Network Monitoring and Management Software:

This package includes access to Auvik network monitoring and management software, which automates complex and time-consuming network tasks, helping you free-up valuable time and resolve issues faster. Pricing for this service component includes access to the software. All alerts are directed to the client as a default. When a client requests that alerts be directed to Matrix Integration, Recurring Engineering Hours will be required in conjunction with this service.

Microsoft Server Management:

Monitoring and management of your Microsoft Servers includes 24×7 monitoring and monthly server patching. All alerts are directed to the client as a default. When a client requests that alerts be directed to Matrix Integration, Recurring Engineering Hours will be required in conjunction with this service.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Management:

Matrix Integration will manage your Microsoft 365 Administration portal.


A MiManaged Recurring Engineering agreement includes a specific range of service hours per month. This service addresses miscellaneous technology needs as directed by the client. On-site services are invoiced port to port.

Umbrella as a Service (UAAS):

This inclusive service aims to protect users against known, malicious URL threats in the wild. Malicious websites are blocked and users are denied access. Day-to-day examples of how this service protects the user includes clicking a malicious link in an email or via a website or other sources.

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