MiProtection : Security Operation Center Services

As cyberattacks and zero-day threats become a regular everyday occurrence for small-and medium-sized businesses, many organizations are turning to companies like Matrix Integration for 24/7/365 Security Operation Center Services or SOC capabilities. Let us keep your small business protected with the latest security technology as well as live monitoring support.

What are Security Operation Center (SOC) Capabilities?

A Security Operation Center (SOC) allows us to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. Basically, it is a way for companies to combine their IT security costs and services into one package and gain peace of mind that their business won’t be brought down by a cybercriminal.

How MiProtection Works:

MiProtection is a monthly service plan created by Matrix Integration. Starting costs are as low as $30 per month and there is just a one-time setup fee, this fee includes;

  • Comprehensive security risk assessment
  • Perch Network Threat Detection
  • SentinelOne Endpoint Protection
  • Recurring Engineering Hours

During this time we analyze businesses’ current vulnerabilities and provide concrete steps to better identify, protect, respond to and recover from future data breaches.

Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment:

Our Security Risk Assessment is based upon NIST guidelines and includes a set bank of hours in recurring engineering; Network Threat Detection/Response software (shuts down exterior perimeter threats before affecting network).

Perch Network Threat Detection:

Perch is a Threat Detection and Response platform that we use. It is a managed threat detection and response platform backed by our in-house Security Operations Center (SOC). Perch was built to be flexible, scaling to any size business and tailored to fit your specific needs. Perch Helps with :

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Threat hunting
  • Log ingestion
  • Intel Agnosticism
  • Threat management
  • Reporting
SentinelOne Endpoint Protection:

SentinelOne is advanced endpoint detection and protection combined with SOC-based response and remediation services. This service protects desktop and server environments for Windows, MAC and Linux OS’s, as well as virtualized servers in AWS, VMWare, Citrix, VirtualBox and Hyper-V Environments.

Recurring Engineering Hours:

All time spent by Matrix personnel addressing escalated SOC alerts unable to be resolved by the SOC or that require additional engineering support is applied to this allocation of time. All time spent in remediating any situation, or at the clients’ request shall be applied to this allocation of time.

Start Benefiting From MiProtection Services:

MiProtection is just one of several service agreements Matrix Integration has to offer clients. Another advantage of MiProtection is it can be rolled into our other contracts such as MiAssurance, which is our premier managed service offering for needs ranging from systems monitoring to hardware procurement, and more. For more information on how businesses can benefit from MiProtection, please contact us by phone or fill out the contact form below.

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