Network Security Monitoring.

You have just returned home from an amazing vacation. You were gone for months. And you walk into your house and discover that everything you own is gone. Vanished. Stolen by burglars who found out you were away. Too late to do anything but hope your insurance covers the loss. Oh…and install that alarm system so that it doesn’t happen ever again.

Now imagine that happening to your company.

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257 days. More than eight months. That’s the average time it takes to identify, contain, and eradicate a data breach. You’re not worried though. Hackers only go after big fish, right? I mean, that’s where all the valuable stuff is, yeah? Nope. Hackers look for easy targets. Small and mid-size businesses, those with less than 1,000 employees, fit the definition. SMBs lack the people and technology needed to defend themselves and their clients from hackers. And hackers have actively taken advantage. More than 60% of all data breaches in 2016 were at small companies. Even more alarming is that 60% of those companies shut their doors within 6 months of the breach. Why? It cost them more than $1.8 million in remediation, legal fees and lost business. Ouch.

Install safeguards to protect your business, your data and your reputation. Now. It’s too costly when some foreign entity snakes his way into your financial systems, databases and file servers. Your business insurance isn’t likely to cover your losses and you may get to join the 60+% who go out of business.

You want, when you consider an information security monitoring and alerting service, a company that has years of experience and expertise. You want a deep bench of talented security analysts available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. You want to avoid the need to buy expensive and complex hardware and software. You want someone who can monitor your ever growing information technology infrastructure; networks, virtual machines, cloud services, servers, applications and more. And you want to be able to meet any regulatory compliance standards that you are mandated to maintain.

Matrix Integration, for all of those reasons and more, has partnered with leading technology firms to help our clients avoid “coming home to an empty house”.

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