Networking Solutions.

Dozens, hundreds or thousands of people rely on your network every day, consuming more and more data as part of their job. They can be on three devices at the same time and video conferencing while they’re at it. And you? You need to provide it all without a hitch.

Networking is built into who we are and what we do so deeply that end-to-end solutions are second nature. We love delivering at gigabit speed and creating customer experiences delivered by the top-notch infrastructure content in the world. Refreshing your network to include the analytics necessary will help you optimize your core business operations.

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As more and more devices find their way into your ecosystem through guests, BYOD and IoT, it means more wireless capacity on demand. Whether you’re dealing with 1-to-1 issues in the classroom, handsets on the factory floor, or wireless based location services in a financial or medical institution, your wireless should be flexible, scalable, and secure. We use industry leading survey tools, such as Ekahau, to give you the most professional and effective assessment of your system.

  • Design
  • Survey
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshoot
  • Optimization

Wired (LAN)

LAN is changing for the better as the top-down approach takes hold and applications drive infrastructure and your network itself becomes the computer. Your people have better things to do than manage your network, and our analytics technologies provide the transparency and proactive alerts that keep you and your network on target.

  • Core
  • Data Center
  • Distribution
  • Edge Networking
  • Structured Cabling

Wide Area (WAN)

As you expand, so do your needs. You’ve got lots of branches in lots of different locations, and every location has its own quirks and demands. We provide a custom design for each location that fits perfectly into your existing network infrastructure. And as you evolve, we will keep you up to date and adaptable to each new challenge.

  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Carrier Services
  • Redundancy
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Planning & Consulting

Take a deep breath and look down the road at what’s ahead. We see what’s coming, and make sure you’re prepared for it with Lifecycle Management services that ensure your network’s future.

Professional Services

Our 40-year background in IT gives us the seasoned experience of knowing which services are most useful for our clients. We have a comprehensive knowledge base and extensive resources for solving the tough challenges so we can move fast and effectively as your partner. Learn More >

Everything was specified as planned and the ordering process was very quick and easy. The Matrix team was very polite and professional and completed the work in 1 day versus 2. Overall I highly recommend Matrix for any networking needs!”

Jesse Harvey
Tri-County Career Center

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