What You Will Learn

Technical Sessions

Presenter: Joe Vidal, HPE Master Technologist

Description: Learn how HPE’s latest innovation radically simplifies IT for applications by reimagining HCI without limitations.

Presenter: Patrick Benson, Veeam Systems Engineer

Description: No one has the next ransomware attack against their organization scheduled on their calendar. You cannot know in advance if your infrastructure will be infiltrated via a zero-day exploit. If you have no advance knowledge of a threat, then how can you prepare to defend against it? The answer is to build data protection into both your infrastructure and your daily routines, so that you know how to detect, resolve and remove exploits, as well as restore impacted data in a clean state no matter what causes an outage. This session covers the fundamentals of ransomware protection for modern infrastructure. Attendees will learn to assess if they are ready to defend against a possible ransomware attack, what to do if they are not, and how to maintain a prepared environment if an attack should ever occur. Join us so that you can better prepare for whatever may come your way.

Presenter: Brennan Klensch, Aruba Channel Systems Engineer

Description: What does a giraffe have to do with networking? What can toddlers learn in 1 minute that takes a computer a year or more to understand? What does Mist get right (gasp)? What do other manufacturers get wrong? Enough questions? Come get some answers when you see what’s new with Aruba Networks and HPE.

Presenter: Bobby Young, Cisco Technology Consultant

Description: Hybrid working models have not only changed what infrastructure we use, but also how we can manage a network that expands beyond the physical office space. In this session, we’ll be going over the future of networking infrastructure, what’s changed, and what it means for the future of managing a network that’s no longer static. Catalyst switching innovations, wireless, Meraki cloud managed networking, and DNA Center management will be discussed.

Presenter: Michael McClendon, Barracuda Solutions Architect

Description: Join Barracuda Networks to learn about their Email Security and Office 365 protection solutions. As a 2021 Forrester Leader in Enterprise Email Security, Barracuda provides gateway and inbox security using AI based Phishing and Impersonation Protection, Account Takeover protection, and Automated Remediation. This, along with C2C Backup, Email Archiving and Security Awareness Training provide a unique, single-vendor solution to secure email and protect O365 environments.

Presenter: Joe Vidal, HPE Master Technologist

Description: Discover the future of data management with this introduction to the next generation of HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Primera/3PAR.

Presenter: Bobby Young, Cisco Technology Consultant

Description: Hybrid work is here to stay. Learn how the shift from the workplace to the workspace has changed your business security needs and what new security threats need the most attention in an ever-changing security perimeter. Join us to learn more and get a demo of the management and visibility tools Cisco has to help secure every entry point of your business’s network!

Executive Sessions


Presenter: Jim Czerwonka, Pinnaclecom

Description: You purchased or are considering purchasing a cyber insurance policy. You are not an insurance professional. But you need to know relevant terminology and basic knowledge concerning cyber insurance. This session includes learning about the cyber risks, security gaps, recovery and incident response, risk management, regulatory compliance, and much more that your policy should include and what you need to implement.

Presenter: Juan Mack, Matrix Integration

Description: For most people, the role of IT in an organization refers to the responsibility of maintaining IT infrastructure, software, applications, and resources. To be a successful leader in IT, it is important to understand that there is a symbiotic relationship between IT and the business’s strategies and goals.

As the “IT guy for the IT Company”, I know that we are no different than our clients when facing IT challenges. In this session, we will discuss the journey that redefined the role of internal IT inside our company. I will share how we started treating ourself as one of our clients, learning to let go and leverage our own resources, allowing IT to be a strategic partner within the organization.

Presenters: Nathan Stallings and Rob Wildman, Matrix Integration

Description: Join us to learn if your organization is managing IT the way best-in-class small businesses manage IT. Hear from Nathan and Rob on how to assess the degree to which your company is managing IT compared to the way top performing companies manage IT. They will walk you through a series of C-level questions to determine your organization’s IT Operational Maturity Level. *You will need your laptop or handheld device in this session*

Presenter: Aaron Williams, Matrix Integration

Description: When you were a kid was there anything more puzzling than a Rubik’s cube? If you were anything like me, hours were spent trying to get all the pieces to line up to no avail. We are going to embark on a journey together with Banger Cubing, a company that sells the valuable service of solving cubes. Do they purchase their IT on a capital expenditure model or an operational expenditure model, join us to find out!

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