Utility Solutions.

Your IT infrastructure wasn’t built for this. Cybersecurity threats to Utility companies are now a national concern and there are more victims in the newspapers every week. Keeping up with PCI regulations for credit card transactions is a mounting danger to your customer’s confidence. Communicating with the emergency management system requires a multi-faceted 21st Century approach, and AMI requirements are putting strain on your analog environments as wires and pipes meet the Internet of Things.

Every aspect of your business is becoming more complicated while your customers’ demands remain unchanged: keep my service running.

Keeping ahead of a digital workspace and digital workforce requires digital solutions. That’s where Matrix Integration is here to help.

Protect Your Customers

Prolonged outages are unacceptable; thousands of customers depend on your service. Matrix Integration ensures you operate from the cloud, freeing your disaster recovery from physical constraints – so when the lights go dark, you don’t go down.

Next-Generation Security

The frequency, size and variety of cybersecurity threats against critical infrastructure companies continues to grow, as do the evolving frameworks, standards and regulations intended to keep pace with and address these threats. We lock down your infrastructure from attack, both internal and external, by providing the following:

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Analytics
  • Threat Defense
  • Automation
  • IoT Shielding
  • Wireless Security

Customer Satisfaction Tools

You need instant communication when something goes wrong; your customer’s safety is at stake. Whether that means responding to your customer queries in a real-time disaster, or making sure your team is agile and responsive during an emergency, communication is the key to success.

  • Contact Center

When our partners get calls from emergency contact numbers, they are sent to a high-level service rep right away. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) speeds reporting, capturing and dispatch from a quicker and more accurate response; Matrix Integration’s technology streamlines the process to ensure your service centers and outage management remains fast and flexible.

  • Mobility

Your customers and staff have myriad ways to communicate and you need to be responsive to it all. Instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing or email, it’s all expected to work. Matrix utilizes an omni-source approach to communication, ensuring customers are funnelled into the same efficient system that allows you to find the right employees, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using your preferred method.

Matrix Is On Your Team

We consider ourselves members of your team. Every IT solution is custom-fit to your needs, personalized for your unique requirements, optimizing the efficiencies that allow you to work best.

Every Utility company is different, which is why Matrix comes alongside you to implement, deploy, test and manage the areas where you need help, from As-a-Service Solutions to staff augmentation and everything in between, allowing our partners to remove complexity, reduce risk and achieve results. You can rely on us to fill the gaps and make sure your deployment is rock-solid.

For more than 41-years, Matrix Integration has maintained reliable, stable relationships by providing best-in-class service to our partners. We know you will have the same experience when you join us.

We are your technology partner.

Matrix Integration’s expertise and access to cutting-edge technology positions us to provide the right technology solutions for the critical challenges you face.

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