Welcoming Cornwell Communications, and their Clients, to Matrix Integration.

We are happy to announce that Matrix Integration acquired Cornwell Communications on April 1, 2020.

Matrix Integration would like to welcome Cornwell Communications’ clients! We assure you that throughout this initial transition, little will change in your working relationship with the Matrix and Cornwell teams, as everything ought to be business as usual.

All of Cornwell’s staff, along with their current phone numbers, will remain the same, so the transition should be a smooth and an easy one for clients. We anticipate that working relationships will stay very much the same as they did before.

There are certain benefits that clients may enjoy from Matrix Integration’s acquisition of Cornwell Communications, however. Services Matrix Integration has traditionally offered elsewhere will be introduced into Cornwell’s Bloomington, Indiana, office, such as Managed IT Services, Security, Networking, Data Center and End-User Computing, and expanded Unified Collaboration Solutions.

We invite Cornwell’s clients to reach out to either the team at Cornwell or a representative at Matrix Integration to learn more about Matrix Integration. Or, take a look around our website for information.

Cornwell and their clients alike will benefit from this change. Matrix has over 40 years of experience in providing IT solutions, and has been continually recognized and awarded for the quality of service provided during those years.

Matrix Integration welcome's the Cornwell Communications team to the Matrix Integration family with new gear!
Cornwell Communications is now Matrix Integration with new Vehicle logo

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